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Real Estate Services


List Your Property

When it comes to listing your property, you want to work with a dedicated and experienced realtor.  I'm a CRS, which means that I have more training and experience than the average real estate agent.  I'll ensure that your listing gets ample exposure to help it sell as quickly as possible.  I'm a skilled negotiator, and through my 40 years of experience, I've learned how to determine the highest price a buyer is willing to pay for your listing.

Buyer's Agent

Buyers need a reliable agent who will stay on top of things.  If your realtor drops the ball, you may lose out on your dream home.  Acting as your agent, I'll use my negotiation skills to find the lowest offer the seller will accept.  I also know a lot about property values so I can tell you if a property's asking price is reasonable and help you come up with an appropriate offer.

Selling & Leasing Commercial Real Estate

In my career, I've sold and leased countless commercial properties and have co-lead workshops on commercial real estate to educate other agents.  Many commercial transactions fall through, so I'll continue to look for interested buyers even after your property goes under deposit.  If you want to keep the listing of your commercial property/business confidential, I can still help you sell it while maintaining your privacy. 

Multi-family Homes

I've owned, sold, and rented multi-family homes for years, and I'll share my wealth of knowledge with you.  As your buyer's agent, I'll make helpful suggestions to help you decide on the right rental home and refer you to the reliable rental agents I've worked with.  I've been a landlord and rental agent so I can help you with finding reliable tenants and answer questions you have about being a landlord.  If you want to sell your multi-family home, I'll help you to provide accurate information to buyers concerning rental properties.  

Selling Expired Listings

Having your listing expire can be extremely frustrating and disappointing.  For years I've been able to sell homes for people after the listing expired and am proud to have an 85% success rate.  After selling hundreds of expired and canceled listings throughout my career, I've learned how to determine the root cause of why a property didn't sell.  Through customized marketing, adjusting financing, and relying on my many years of experience and extensive knowledge of property values, I can help you sell your home.